Three Spires Trust operates a collaborative structure as detailed below, demonstrating that all stakeholders are partners in the Trust and its vision for education.

The Executive Leadership Group and Central Support Team consists of Officers employed by the Trust to carry out the strategic and operational objectives set by the Trust board.

Our high-quality governance model provides confident and strong strategic leadership at all levels, which is shaped by our Christian values. By fulfilling this aim we ensure robust accountability, oversight, scrutiny and quality assurance for the educational and financial performance of the Trust and its academies.

Member and Trustee information

Details of member and trustee appointments and business interests can be viewed here.

Details of attendance at meetings for 2021-2022 can be viewed here.

Details of attendance at meetings for 2022-2023 can be viewed here.

Details of previous Trustees can be viewed here.

Contacting the Chair of Trustees

Email – 

Telephone – 01785 526011

Academy Committees

The Trustees have the ultimate legal responsibility for the governance of all Three Spires Trust academies.

Each academy also has its own Academy Committee, to which clear roles and responsibilities have been delegated. The central purpose of the Academy Committee is to provide support and challenge to the academy on behalf of the Trust Board, drawing on local knowledge of the school and its community.

Full details of each Academy Committee, including memberships and attendance at meetings, can be found on individual academy websites, as below:

Contacting the Chair of an Academy Committee

St Peter’s Collegiate Academy – Matt Jevons

St Regis CofE Academy – Ian Budd

St Thomas’ CofE Primary Academy – David Shemilt

The King’s CofE Academy – David Shemilt